Intro: “Coloring Inside the Blue Line”

“Coloring Inside the Blue Line” is a series of paintings created by the artist to pay tribute to the Adirondack Park in upstate New York. The ‘blue line’ is the term used since the late 1800’s to signify the boundaries of this 6-million acre park. It is so called because blue ink was used when the borderlines were first drawn on state maps. If you look closely, you will see that the background of each painting is a map of the park itself.

Whitney began visiting the Adirondacks as an infant when her parents drove from their home near Buffalo to visit extended family on Loon Lake. Over the years, her children and theirs have claimed this wilderness paradise as a second home. The log house, built on the shore of Crystal Lake by the artist and her husband in 1986, has expanded as has their family of five – now numbering nineteen. And the house has become a beacon calling scattered offspring back together whenever possible.

These paintings, with their vibrant colors and subtle humor, reflect the joyful times the artist has spent in the ADK’s with family and friends.

View the works here.